World War Z and more free on the Epic Games Store for the next week

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World War Z

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Once again we are back to tell you what games are currently free (to keep forever!) on the Epic Games Store. We’ve had some really good ones so far, from Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, to Watch Dogs and the Stanley Parable, to a whole bunch of indie games, and now we have a few more to add to our growing lists: the zombie-killing game World War Z, the musical action-adventure game Figment, and the profanity-fueled hallucinogenic action-packed 2D top-down hellish action game Tormentor x Punisher (and yes, that is an appropriate description).

World War Z

World War Z is a heart-pounding four-player cooperative third-person shooter featuring massive swarms of zombies that recklessly rush their living prey.

It’s like Left 4 Dead, but in third-person, and with lots more zombies. It’s pretty much known for the ridiculous amount of zombies that can appear on your screen. With the whole coronavirus situation going on, this could be a good solution for what to play with your buddies whilst staying at home. Don’t worry though, it’s nothing like the actual movie at all.


A musical action-adventure set in the recesses of the human mind… Welcome to the world of Figment. A strange and surreal world; a place filled with our deepest thoughts, urges and memories, populated by the many voices we hear in our heads.

It’s a fun little adventure game with quirky characters and an art style that reminds me a lot of that isometric action game, Bastion, but that’s just me. It takes place inside the mind of an individual so you know, it’s like Inception the game! Each environment has been hand-drawn and there’s a full score of musical performances. Players will have to solve puzzles and fight creatures who spread fear wherever they go.

Tormentor x Punisher

Everything in Tormentor x Punisher can be killed in one hit, including bosses and yourself. Bosses change the shape of the arena, conjuring rooms and traps to make it more hellish and brutal. Demons adjust to your play style and punish you accordingly. Explore and discover new ways of killing enemies to gain cool upgrades. Reload your machine gun by firing your shotgun. Yeah, you read that right.

Did you play DOOM and think “huh, this too tame”? That’s what the developers of Tormentor x Punisher were thinking. The game is full of ridiculous profanity with an actual planet that’s called… well see for yourself in the trailer above. Essentially a 2D DOOM game, many have already dubbed the protagonist as DOOM Guy’s daughter. Seems like Demon’s just can’t catch a break, huh?

So those are the 3 games currently available for free on the Epic Games Store, hurry though as the deal ends on April 2nd! Let us know if you pick any of them up and start playing, and tell us what you think of them!

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