We may see a new way games are announced this year, thanks to E3 and the coronavirus

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It’s another year and another E3 is not far away. Easily the most anticipated gaming convention every year – mostly due to the huge video game announcements made there – though it is looking tough for the organisers whilst this Coronavirus scare is going round; We may see E3 cancelled, delayed or indefinitely postponed like many other conventions that we’ve heard of in the past month. Either way, it seems like we’ll be seeing a new approach to the way games are announced and revealed this year…

Whilst discussing on a forum post dedicated to a new Harry Potter game, many fans started asking when it and a new Batman game will be announced. A supposed insider in the games industry suggested that Warner Bros. will have their own E3 conference, and that both the new Batman and Harry Potter games would be revealed there.

And then Jason Schreier, News Editor and writer, posted this comment: “Well, what was true a couple of weeks ago may no longer be true thanks to the virus. The chances of E3 happening seem pretty low, and if E3 doesn’t happen, there’s not much of a reason for every single company to hold their press conference on the same week. (Why force devs to crunch for a June demo if there’s nowhere to show that demo to press and retailers?) It’s very possible that publishers decide to plan their own events on their own schedules instead.

There’s a lot of truth to that comment, as big companies wouldn’t want to risk large game announcements not happening because E3 gets cancelled. Most likely these games will be revealed sporadically around the time that E3 was supposed to happen. We will more than likely hear about the new Batman game before E3 starts, just like the previous games. But then if the event is cancelled, we’ll most likely only get our first glimpse of gameplay soon after originally planned.

And this will be true for other games and games companies too, instead of one huge burst of excitement because multiple games are announced in a short period of time, we’ll most likely get little tidbits here and there, with full reveals coming straight from the developers and publishers themselves either online or at their own public conferences.

It will be unfortunate if E3 gets cancelled, but considering how many other conventions and events are getting cancelled, it’s not a far-fetched idea. Even if the ESA still believes it will not be cancelled.

Do you think E3 will be cancelled? What big games do you think will be announced? And is there definitely a new Batman game in the works? Let us know what you think!

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