Snowrunner overview trailer shows off new world and updated physics

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Ever wanted to live your dreams of getting stuck in mud? What about water? Or snow? Well, SnowRunner is here to let you live those dreams. In a new overview trailer we’re getting a better look at what the game has to offer, and what has been improved since the last game in the series, MudRunner.

If you somehow haven’t heard of these games, then [insert terrain element here]-runner is a game about trekking across vast, difficult terrain in order to complete an objective. Get yourself stuck, try and get yourself unstuck and repeat. They’re fun physics based games that became popular because of the intense mud physics, and now they’ve evolved onto other types of terrain, like snow and water. Check out the overview trailer for Snowrunner below to get a quick peek at what’s new:

So first of all, Snowrunner looks to be the biggest in the franchise so far; with 3 regions split up into 11 different maps. Each region has their own distinctive style and terrain, and you’ll have to adapt on-the-fly in order for your vehicle to make it through.

The improved physics look great and really ups the ante on difficulty it seems. But the true shining glory here is multiplayer, where you can take up to 3 friends with you on your treacherous journeys, which should involve some pretty fun moments of trying to get each other out of muddy situations.

Customisation has also been improved with more paints, decals, and various car parts. Missions and contracts allow for new passages to be opened in the map. And with all that mentioned above, Snowrunner looks to be the ultimate mudrunner experience.

Snowrunner launches April 28th on PC (through the Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Are you excited for Snowrunner? Have you played the previous installments? Which ones? And what’s your favourite? Let us know!

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