Open-World Adventure game Lucen revealed

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Lucen is a brand new open-world adventure game where you play as a young boy in a fantastical land, searching for a reason to the mysterious circumstances that have happened upon your village. Wield a sword and bow with the power of light in a quest to seek out the Old Gods and find answers, hopefully restoring your village and it’s people back to its previous state.

Lucen is an adventure into the unknown. You play as a boy named Lucen, and after your village is mysteriously shrouded in darkness and fellow villagers won’t wake up, you must take it upon yourself to venture into the vast lands outside the village. Armed with your sword, bow, and legends passed down by generations, you must set out on a quest to ask the mythical old gods for their help.

Lucen will feature: fast-paced hack’n’slash gameplay where players can harness light in order to augment attacks; Sword and bow combat, with specialization points for players to allocate on your weapon of choice; A narrative-driven questline where you’ll learn more about Lucen and the world he inhabits as you progress through the quests; Open-world exploration that will reward players with ancient lore and items to aid in your quest; Dynamic battles and boss fights with small or large enemies, who protect magical orbs of light that you must gain.

The project is being developed solely by Kristian Kebbe. There was a kickstarter due to take place next week, but unfortunately due to the coronavirus pandemic going on he decided to postpone it. There’s no word on a rescheduled date yet, so If you would like to support his work then we’ll just have to wait until he announces a new date.

Lucen is currently expected to arrive sometime in 2021

What do you think of Lucen? Does it look good? Will you be adding it to your wishlist? Let us know!

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