Horizon Zero Dawn for PC will not have an FOV slider

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Horizon: Zero Dawn for PC was recently announced, sending the internet ablaze with excitement for one of the most critically acclaimed console exclusives, now on PC. The game follows Aloy who, after being cast out at birth, must fight to stop a threat to all mankind. Featuring a dazzling world that takes place in the far future where machines roam the land like electronic dinosaurs.

After the announcement, some PC users went to the Steam Discussions page for the game to ask multiple questions regarding the PC port. One of these questions was if the PC port for Horizon Zero Dawn would include an FOV slider, to which Anne van der Zanden, Guerilla Games’ Community Manager, replied with:

We will add several ways to customize your settings for Horizon Zero Dawn for PC. However, we feel that changing the FOV compromises the original Horizon Zero Dawn experience and visual style too much, so you will not be able to change this.

That is unfortunate to hear when many games these days are introducing a wide array of customisable graphics options, allowing players full freedom to manage their experience, and achieve the perfect middle ground between graphical fidelity and performance.

On the other hand, Horizon Zero Dawn is a third-person action-RPG, so having an FOV slider wouldn’t exactly bring that much benefit when you can already see a much larger view than most first-person shooters. Plus, the PC version will have ultrawide support, so those with widescreen monitors will probably not see an issue.

That said, I’m wondering what changing the FOV would actually “compromise” here? And most games that do not feature an FOV slider do have workarounds, from community mods to tinkering with the game files. So why would Guerilla Games not include the option? We’ll have to wait and see when the game comes out, or maybe Guerilla will work on implementing it after the online backlash.

What do you think of the lack of an FOV slider in-game? Will it compromise your experience of Horizon Zero Dawn? Or is it not that big of a deal? Let us know your thoughts!

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