Go on a big merry cruise with the new Shenmue III DLC

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Getting tired of your fantastic martial arts skills? Ever felt like hunting down your father’s killer was getting a bit tiring and you just want a nice holiday for once? Thought that Shenmue III simply didn’t have enough gambling? Well you’re in luck! Because the Big Merry Cruise DLC for Shenmue III will be arriving at Niaowu harbor next week for PC and PS4.

A new cruise ship has arrived in the Niaowu harbor; What better way than to enjoy a few relaxing games? Various types of entertainment can be enjoyed aboard the ship, as well as challenge missions which can only be played there! Ryo also has the chance to gain new outfits that can be obtained by clearing mini-quests encountered onboard.

The stakes are high, but so are the rewards!

Well, that’s my week sorted next week. If you need me I’ll be round the back of the ship playing Poker with older men, smoking cigars and drinking whiskey until, inevitably, I run out of all my money (I’m not very good at Poker) and have to return home to find my father’s killer.

Shenmue III: Big Merry Cruise will release on March 17th for PC and PS4. Players who purchased the Complete DLC collection will see the new content available automatically on the day of release.

What do you think of Shenmue III’s DLC? Will you be stopping by on the cruise? Or have you got too many appointments to make? Let us know!

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