Gamescom 2020 still going ahead despite Coronavirus concerns

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Despite increasing worries over the coronavirus with many public events being cancelled, including the big E3 itself, Gamescom 2020 looks to still be going ahead in August. In an announcement on Twitter, the organisers stated their reasons and the current status of the event after being asked.

I realise now that the title of this article should, in fact, be called “Gamescom not cancelled… yet”, as the message simply states that preparations are underway and continuing as planned. This does not mean the event will still go ahead. In Germany, where the convention is held, there is now a ban on any event/gathering of more than 1,000 people until April 10th. Gamescom is supposedly taking place in August, so it has not been affected, but the state government could very well change that date depending on the global situation.

Should Gamescom go ahead, it might provide an opportunity for video game companies and developers to showcase their work after E3’s cancellation. Then again, most of them have already planned digital conferences like Xbox or Ubisoft. Just like E3 though, if the event does get cancelled then all visitors and partners will be refunded their tickets, and voucher codes will be made available for new events in the future.

Do you think Gamescom should go ahead this year? Or should it be cancelled ASAP? Let us know your thoughts!

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