Cyberpunk 2077’s game-breaking Down On The Street bug has been fixed

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(Image credit: CD Projekt)

You can finally stop messing about with awkward workarounds, hackers. CD Projekt has finally introduced a proper fix for the save-killing Down On The Street bug in last week’s Cyberpunk 2077 patch 1.1.

Following the release of Cyberpunk’s latest patch, players quickly discovered a pretty significant bug with the quest Down On The Street. Where previously, an NPC named Goro Takamura would fail to call the player, he would now dial up V and simply not speakā€”a blank face staring out of the zoom call at the side of your screen.

At the time, CD Projekt supported a temporary workaround that involved reloading previous saves and a little bit of time travel. An awkward arrangement, especially considering the patch managed to fix an earlier issue in that quest by introducing a new one. But with today’s 1.11 hotfix, Down On The Street should finally be working as intended.

The hotfix also fixes a save/load loot exploit introduced in patch 1.1, rolling loot randomisation back to where it was pre-update. Despite these two issues, last week’s update was a net positive, with dozens of fixes to stability issues and broken quests.

Previously players were using workarounds to Matrix-dodge this issue, as captured below.

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